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March 23, 2014

About Shareware Authors Resource Guide

It used to be shareware programmers were basically hobbyists, giving a copy of their program away and hoping to make a little money to go to a movie or something. Today's shareware developers, however, are often professional programmers making a living with the shareware model of marketing their software. The Shareware Authors Resource Guide was written by someone that long ago turned such a hobby into a full time, profitable business, and he wants to share how! Whether you're a veteran shareware author or you are just starting your shareware business, you'll find the information in the Shareware Authors Resource Guide extremely helpful to starting and running a successful shareware business.Learn strategies for programming for the shareware marketFind out where and how to distribute your shareware.Read about clever marketing ideas.Discover online resources especially useful to shareware authors.Learn how to increase customer payments.Ultimately find out how to make more profit with your shareware business.The Shareware Authors Resource Guide is packed full of information that has been accumulated through years of observing and actively participating in the shareware industry.

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